A Star is Born *

Create stained glass art from start to finish. Small planned steps. Gorgeous results.

I will teach you how to make beautiful stained glass.

Using clear, comprehensive videos and eBooks my course will take you right through a stained glass project from beginning to end, from tool selection to the final touches on a stunning stained glass star.

Learn timeless skills that you can practice over and over to create beautiful glass art that illuminates your home or provides inspiring one-of-a-kind gifts.

Why this course?

Milly Frances

Milly Frances, Stained Glass Artist and Teacher

Hi! My name is Milly Frances and I’m a stained glass artist with my own company called Striking Glass. I’m also a qualified teacher and have enjoyed teaching hundreds of students how to make stained glass over the years.

But when I started out I was just like you. I was desperate to do something creative with my hands. I wanted to be ‘painting with light’! But I had no idea where to start.

As it turned out learning this beautiful craft was a bit of a struggle!

I was lucky to find a good class but it was in the evening and miles away and I had to miss a couple of crucial sessions when ‘life’ got in the way.

The ‘how to’ books and the one DVD I found were tricky to follow as they weren’t following the same project as me nor did they help when I made inevitable mistakes.

But the beauty of sun and glass won through.

Since then I’ve had so much enjoyment from creating things with my own hands that I wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn this amazing craft.

That’s when I made up my mind.

I decided to make an online course that explains absolutely everything right from the beginning to the very end. Just as if you were standing face to face with me in my studio.

And as if by magic… ‘A Star Is Born’!

It’s the first ever online stained glass course that includes every tool, technique and method needed to go from “I don’t know where to start” to “I’m a stained glass maker!


Each module demonstrates a new technique making sure you have a completed project at the end

I teach colour enthusiasts stained glass by bringing my studio into your home.

And how do I do that? By pulling together all my experience as a teacher and glass artist into a course that offers:


12 Detailed Modules

In ‘A Star Is Born’ we work on the same complete project together.

There are 12 modules taking you step by careful step towards your finished piece – a stained glass star.

That means no half completed projects or messy finishes. You start at the very beginning and see each tool and technique demonstrated on the actual piece you are making.


 Crystal Clear HD Video

A Star Is Born on laptop

HD videos with close-up shots

There are 11 crystal clear HD videos so you can see exactly what to do.

They include some very close up footage leaving nothing to guess work.

I wear a hearing aid and am often frustrated by mumbling voices on YouTube. With this in mind I’ve made 100% sure the voiceovers are clear and precise so that you can easily hear and understand.



 Fully Illustrated eBooks

A Star Is Born - course material

Illustrated eBooks for each module

Not everyone learns from video alone.

If you like using books to jog your memory, each making module has a fully illustrated eBook complimenting the video.

These are yours to download and keep.

You might want to use these when you’re working on your Star to quickly find any answers you need.


 Clear, Planned Stepped Instructions

Icon - Bar Graph

Small planned steps towards completion

The instructions follow a clear and direct line from tool selection to hanging your sun catcher.

No more time wasted looking for decent technique videos on YouTube or trying to figure out something from a photo in a book.

Instead you can enjoy every spare minute using your hands and being a maker while learning this wonderful, timeless craft.


 Comprehensive Trouble-shooting Sections

Knowing what to do when things don’t go according to plan is one of the most important parts of learning stained glass. Now this is when you need a tutor in your home…and I am!

Each module includes a detailed section called ‘It’s All Gone Wrong’ which explains common problems and shows you how to fix them.

You will build up a bank of skills to rescue your ‘wonky bits’ and your work will not be spoilt by beginners’ errors.

  Pressure Free Pace

Cloud - Hand Drawn Blue

No time or class pressure to keep up

Being in a class with others can be great but sometimes it brings unwanted pressure. You’re always rushing to catch up or feeling bored because you’re too far ahead.

Here you can work through all the stages of your sun catcher at your own pace.

You can rewind the videos as many times as you like until you are clear about the techniques. You can download the eBooks – and print them if you prefer – to read and re-read at your leisure.


 100% Flexibility

Most of us these days have multiple strands to our lives. Family, career, domestic ‘stuff’, pets and let’s not forget drinking coffee with friends… So where on earth is stained glass going to fit into your busy lifestyle?

The answer is simple –  ‘exactly where you want it to fit’. No more rushing around after a tiring days’ work to get to a class that’s miles away.

You choose the time and place and spend all your precious free time actually making.


 Fun Quests And Inspirational Artists

Bulb - Hand Drawn Red

Inspirational images aplenty!

Chances are that you’ve seen a gorgeous Tiffany window or lamp and have been inspired and moved.

There’s nothing like learning from the very best.

That’s why I have added the work of some accomplished glass artists to the course. You’ll see what makes them such amazing artists and it will magically rub off onto you. It will!


Creative Expression

Before I started stained glass I knew I just HAD to do something creative. In this busy world dominated by fast moving information it’s really important to find creative time for ourselves when we can be calm and stress-free. There’s something about ‘painting with light’ that is delightfully uplifting and soothing.

This course gives you the opportunity to explore and nurture your creativity without pressure from the outside world.

Think of it as a rejuvenating bubble of calm!


 Just A Beginning…

This is the hardest part. You’re learning a traditional skill and there’s lots to master. You’ll be frustrated at times and there will be things that you don’t find easy. But you will finish it and hang up that stained glass star.

And then what? Too often we learn new things that don’t seem to ‘go anywhere’. Not stained glass!

This course is the just the beginning of a very colourful, sparkling voyage.

You can take these skills and continue your creative journey by making any number of unique beautiful glass artworks to be proud of. Here’s a few off the top of my head – boxes, lamps, garden projects,  terrariums, candle holders I could continue…

One thing’s for sure; you’ll brighten up your home and make many special gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Oh, and you’ll be very popular!!!


Mitzi Mallon


Mitzi MallonWOW! The detail, quality, patience and pace of all was very good.

Not just for a novice but also for someone who has had some experience.

I attended a class that was $135 for 6 X 3 hour lessons. There was only 3 or 4 in the class.  I did not learn half of what you show in your videos.

I have truly enjoyed the lessons and have learned so much. Have looked at the videos more than once. I was not bored one bit. After the first couple I was so hooked. Yes, HOOKED!

I have learnt so many tips and skills from this course. Such as cutting using patterns directly on the glass, and I also picked up many extra tips such as the reason that the foil loses stickiness etc. I could go on and on.

I have tried many of your techniques which I find great. You really have simplified the art of Stained Glass.

The things I liked most were the “how to fix mistakes” sections.

Your dedication to really showing how it is done and the pitfalls and how to remedy them. Most problems are fixable without wasting the project but its difficult to know what to do if you are new to the craft. Troubleshooting is such an important aspect of any craft.

This course is unique!  It gets right down to the itty gritty.

It shows step by step how to proceed into the craft, that not all fancy, expensive equipment is needed. It is a detailed course that is easy to watch, follow and has back up workbooks. I would and have already recommended this to friends and 2 past classmates. It is ideal for beginners and as a refresher course. I highly recommend.”

Mitzi Mallon,

Active Fundraiser. Retired special education teacher,

Drayden, So. Maryland, USA

You’ve started – let’s make sure you finish!


It’s important when you start stained glass not to learn a random selection of unrelated techniques that don’t quite fit together. In ‘A Star Is Born’ you will make a complete piece.

You will finish with a star suncatcher to illuminate your home or give as a precious gift.

But there’s something even better than that. You will become a stained glass maker with a precious set of skills that can be used for all sorts of exciting projects in the future.

These skills are for life and will open up a whole new world of beautiful glass work for you.

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What exactly is in the course?

Module 1 – Introductions All Round

Milly Frances

Success! Milly installs one of her windows

This is where we say ‘hello’!

You’ll also learn what each module contains and how find your way around the course easily.

What You Get

An introductory video from me to you, a short description of each module and an easy to understand explanation to help you navigate around the course.

Module 2 –  Keeping Safe

Milly's dog Sophie

Safety in mind for Milly’s dog as she hides in a bag!

Knowing where danger lies is the first step to making sure you keep safe and avoid accidents.

This is where you’ll learn how to make stained glass as safe as it possibly can be.

What You Get

A slideshow, a ‘Keeping Safe’ workbook for reference and a Fun Quest workbook with the work of an inspirational artist to whet your appetite.

Module 3 – Tools & Materials

Stained glass tools

No more confusion over tools and materials

Feeling confident with all the stained glass tools is the first step to making stained glass.

You’ll learn about the tools one by one with explanations of each.

What You Get

A slideshow showing each tool and an interactive quiz to get your memory cells working!


Module 4 – Cutting Glass

Cutting blue glass

Cutting glass without fear

Your first go at cutting glass!

You’ll learn how to make a good scoreline and how to ‘break’ the glass apart. This module is all about getting used to the tools and the glass and not about cutting your shapes just yet.

What You Get

A detailed 20 minute video taking you through the cutting process with a  ‘Hands On’ workbook to compliment it and a Fun Quest workbook with some mystery artist to admire.


Module 5 – Grozing

Grozer breaker pliers

Learning the secrets of grozing

Tidying up the glass shapes by removing all the tiny, stubborn bits of glass from the edges of your pieces with grozing pliers.

You’ll learn all the different ways of using this wonder tool to get your glass shapes fitting snugly together.

What You Get

The grozing video that everybody loves! Along with a ‘Hands On’ workbook explaining grozing and a Fun Quest booklet containing a very unusual art work.


Module 6 – Designing

Glass grain important

Having fun with colour and texture

Choosing which colours go where and exploring the direction of the glass grain.

You’ll learn about selecting colours and textures to show off your Star to best advantage.

What You Get

A slideshow explaining the power of colour and texture and a ‘Hands On’ eBook with a pattern to print.


Module 7 – Pattern Cutting

Preparing the pattern

Cutting an accurate pattern

Creating the templates for each shape from thick paper to use as a guide for cutting the glass.

You’ll learn the first secret for accurate glass cutting.

What You Get


A video explaining how to prepare your pattern ready for cutting and a  ‘Hands On’ workbook for reference.


Module 8 – Cutting Glass Shapes

Cutting shapes with template

No ill-fitting shapes and wasted glass

Cutting each piece of glass accurately to the template so that they all fit together perfectly.

You’ll learn several ways of scoring and breaking the glass safely, giving you a choice of cutting methods to suit your needs.

This is one of the trickiest things to learn so there’s lots of practice activities and encouragement to help you along.

What You Get

A video carefully explaining a variety of ways to cut accurate shapes, a detailed ‘Hands On’ eBook to take to your workspace and Fun Quest booklet with another inspirational surprise.


Module 9 – Copper Foiling

Neat copper foiling

Excitement! It’s starting to look like stained glass…

Wrapping sticky copper tape neatly around each glass shape to provide the surface for the solder to bond to.

You’ll learn time-saving tips for foiling neatly and evenly.

What You Get

A video explaining all sorts of things about copper foil, a ‘Hands On’ workbook for reference and… you guessed… more delights from a famous glass artist.

Module 10 – Soldering

Soldering a star

Steady, careful soldering means good results

Joining the whole Star together by melting solder along all the copper foiled edges and seams.

You’ll learn two types of soldering, giving you a choice for your next project.

Flat or Tinned Soldering for the edges of your star and Beaded Seams to join them all together.

Some people find soldering quite difficult so we take this module nice and steady with lots of practice.

What You Get

As with cutting, this module has 2 detailed videos showing a variety of soldering methods to suit you. Both videos have an accompanying ‘Hands On’ workbook to help you and ‘Fun Quests’ to make you smile after all your hard work!


Module 11 – Adding A Ring

Jump rings

Where and how to add rings

Attaching a hanging hook neatly to your stained glass star.

You’ll learn the best place for secure hooks and how to solder them on neatly and professionally.

What You Get

The video that everyone appreciates. It spends time showing you how and where to attach your ring. It’s very important!! There’s a ‘Hands On’ eBook to remind you of the process too.


Module 12 – Polish & Patina

Polished stained glass

Time to sparkle!

Making the star shine brightly by cleaning and polishing.

You’ll learn tricks for achieving a high polish to make your suncatcher gleam.

What You Get

A video taking you through each step and a ‘Hands On’ eBook for reference.


Ron Knop

ronThe actual “star” sun-catcher design was perfect as a simple first project.

I can see it leading nicely into more complex second projects.

To my way of thinking, having a beginning project that you’re successful at is far more encouraging than a beginners’ project that looks like a mess.

I also like the fact that you always laid out an approximate amount of time needed to complete an activity.

The sessions flowed perfectly… VERY professional… very informative… very well thought out.

I enjoyed them immensely. I couldn’t STOP!!! Its consistency, its format, its delivery style, and its content were top notch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘video’ format.  Your print-outs were excellent. I liked that you included some “high quality’ examples of stained glass work in the print-outs as well.

Yes, I would recommend it.

I think it would obviously be most beneficial to beginners.  But it would make a nice refresher OR just a different perspective for someone who has been doing this for a while.

If there is one thing I’m beginning to recognize, it’s that there are a wide variety of techniques and styles in this activity.

Ron Knop,

Landscape gardener. Retired Science & Technology teacher,

Peotone, Illinois, USA

Is ‘A Star Is Born’ right for you?

It’s important when choosing a course that you and the teacher ‘fit’ together. This list might help you decide if we can work together to achieve your stained glass star.

round star-not right‘A Star Is Born’ is NOT right for you if :

  • You’re already an accomplished stained glass artist.
  • You want everything done yesterday and are irritated by the very word ‘precise’!
  • You’ve done some stained glass already and have fixed views about how things should be done. Part of the joy of stained glass is embracing different ways of doing the same thing and choosing the best one for you.
  • You want to learn the Lead Came method of construction. You will learn some skills that are common to both techniques but this course concentrates on the Copper Foil method of construction.
  •  You find it impossible to learn from videos and eBooks. This is an online course so you might be better looking for a local course initially. You will be most welcome to come back here later when you want to refresh or develop your skills.


round star-right‘A Star Is Born’ is RIGHT for you if :

  • You’re ready to invest in your inner creativity.
  • You are a complete beginner who has never cut glass, soldered or had any experience of stained glass before.
  • You’re quite new to stained glass and in need of refreshing your skills or improving your technique and knowledge.
  • You are patient and determined with a sense of humour!
  • You have the spirit to try something new and the motivation to check in and follow along.
  • You’re looking for a structured class, not a random collection of unrelated video

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Set your creativity free!

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red I can’t do it! It’s too hard! I will never be good enough!

The simple answer is yes, you can!

I have taught many students who felt exactly like this when they first started and all of them, from the class of 6 year olds right through to the 83 year old, have been able to make something in stained glass.

I’ve put all my teaching experience into making sure that the level of the course is suitable for those who struggle a bit at the most difficult stages.

When appropriate I have suggested different ways of obtaining the same result, as some people find one way easy and not others. One of the best things about stained glass is that once you have learnt the basics you can pick and choose methods to suit your particular talents.

There’s even an alternative star pattern built into the course for those that find cutting accurate shapes particularly difficult.

Everything has been carefully designed to make sure finish you this course with a star sun catcher to hang in your home.

Take courage in both hands and jump… you CAN do this, I promise!

Milly Frances school window

Milly’s popular school window

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red I can’t design to save my life.

You don’t need to design anything for this course as I’ve done it for you.

You’ll get a pattern to download and use for your sun catcher.

Instead you can enjoy learning about the best bit – the joys of colour and texture. This is why we all love stained glass!

To give colour and grain the fanfare they deserve I have included a slideshow and an eBook exploring the way they work.

Your stained glass creations will truly ‘zing’ with these tips on choosing colour and texture combinations.

Patterns for beginners Bonus eBook

Bonus Pattern ebook for building confidence

Bonus Pattern eBook

And because I know that your second project needs to be at the right difficulty level for you, I’m including a Bonus eBook called ‘Patterns for Beginners‘.

It comes with three especially designed patterns that build on the exact same skills learnt during the course. This is so that you can develop and practise your new skills straight away doing projects that build confidence without being too difficult.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red I’m worried about working in glass, isn’t is dangerous?

Its normal and healthy to be anxious about starting to work with glass. After all it is a sharp material and it can cut you.

The course contains thorough Health and Safety guidelines and if you follow the advice the chances of serious injury are very low.

Splinters and small cuts do occasionally happen but basic precautions make them much less likely.

Overcoming the psychological fear of breaking glass is one of the biggest hurdles. We were all taught about the dangers of glass as children; how we shouldn’t play with it and NEVER to touch broken glass. And what am I going to teach you? How to ‘play’ with and touch broken glass!

What is surprising is how quickly people become confident handling this beautiful material. I’ve seen it time and time again. I show you how to handle glass safely and how to treat it with the respect and care it deserves. We work together to make a safe environment.

Jan Dees


Oh my goodness, it is sooo full of GREAT information. WOW! I am truly impressed!

Now that I know what I need for tools, I’ll be on the lookout for the best buys.

The course is very informative and easy to follow. I especially like the videos, to me it’s like having you right there… I can pause the video if I need to and go back to watch it over and over again to review anything that I may have missed.

I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning the art of stained glass.

When you learn from a “Master”, you learn the best way to create beautiful works of art. The course is easy to follow and the directions are clear.

The videos are very helpful, and you can see just how it is supposed to look when it’s completed. It’s a great way of learning. This course is unique in the fact that it shows you every step of the way to creating something beautiful.

Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity to learn and explore this new craft!

Milly Frances is a lovely woman and the best instructor you could ask for. You can see in her videos that she really loves what she’s doing, and she passes that enjoyment on to the student.

Jan Dees,

Psychiatric nurse,

Marana, Arizona, USA

Another way for you to learn

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedDon’t you need to attend a class to learn something like this?

Milly Frances teaching

Milly teaching children glass in school

It would be great if there was a good class around the corner that fitted neatly into your lifestyle but I know from my own experience that ‘good classes just around the corner’ are hard to come by!

They are often miles away and cost time and money to attend. And they may not be at a time and place that suits you.

Taking this course will be just like being in my studio with me.

I have taught many classes and have made a very special effort to ensure the lessons are crystal clear and follow a logical progression. I’ve also taken care to answer every possible question you might have.

As a teacher I consider it my fault if a student doesn’t finish a project, not theirs.

I feel so confident you will be able to make this star – provided you follow along and complete all the modules of course! – that I’ve included a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedWill I learn anything new if I’ve already done a course?

Yes, definitely.

This course will fill in the gaps that were missed in a busy class environment.

Feedback has shown that this course is a great refresher for those who have already taken a class. It goes over the essential techniques but adds much more detail about each process than would be appropriate if faced with a class that are impatient ‘to get on with it’!

Remembering how to make stained glass is difficult if you’ve only taken one class. This course will help you bridge the gap between being a beginner with uncertain knowledge to being a confident stained glass maker.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedHow will I know if I’m doing it wrong?  You can’t see my mistakes.

Solder mistake

Thorough trouble-shooting sections to help rectify problems

Ah, but I can! I’ve seen lots of students get into difficulties with stained glass and have used all my experience to anticipate any problems you may have.

Each module has a detailed section called ‘It’s All Gone Wrong!’ that focusses on common problems and how to fix them.


I take you through each mistake by first showing you what it looks like and then showing you how to rectify each problem.



Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red Does it matter that I’m not very good with a computer?


typical page

A typical Module page. Easy-to-navigate progress bar on right shows you which modules you have completed (in green) and those yet to come (in white)

Absolutely not. If you can log in and enter a password you’ll be fine.

There is a progress bar on the right to show you exactly where you’ve been and what exciting steps are yet to come.

The course platform is so easy to use you won’t even notice it!

You can easily check which Module and Step you are in and you’ll never have to stop in mid-creative flow if you use the handy time estimator for each activity.

We have a dedicated support contact at hand if you do have any problems finding your way around.

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Grab opportunity by the hand

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedI don’t have enough space in my home.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated studio space but the good news is – you don’t need one!

Carolyn Taylor's stained glass studio - Stained Glass News.com

Carolyn Taylor’s stained glass corner – StainedGlassNews.com

Provided you follow some sensible guidelines you can have a stained glass corner safely in your home. Many of my students have found somewhere to work, including utility rooms, covered porches, garages and sheds.

One of them came up with THE most imaginative and simple solutions I’ve heard yet.

She simply took the door off the store cupboard in her utility room and worked in there!

All you need is about 2ft X 3ft with ventilation (such as a window) for soldering.

The Copper Foil – also known as Tiffany – method that I teach in this course is very neat and tidy. There’s no 6ft lead cames to stretch or any messy cementing. Some of the steps can even be done when you’re watching television!

So space CAN be found. With a bit of creativity even the most unpromising nooks and crannies can be put to use.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedDon’t you need lots of special tools that are hard to track down?

You will certainly need to buy some specialist tools for making stained glass but I bet there are not as many as you think. There is an explanatory slideshow of the most important tools in the course but I am also including a special Bonus eBook for all purchasers.

discovering… Tools and Materials‘ is a fully comprehensive guide to ALL the equipment you will need, clearly stating which tools you cannot do without and where you can buy them.

It includes a ‘Milly’s Buying Guide‘ with specific brands to help you make good choices and a list of online suppliers worldwide.

The tools and materials you will need to buy:

Milly's Recommended tools from 'discovering Tools & Materials'  eBook

Excerpt from ‘discovering Tools & Materials‘ Bonus eBook



Glass Cutter
Grozer/Breaker Pliers
Cut Running Pliers
Sharpening Stone
Copper Foil
Soldering Iron
Safety items


Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedI’m a bit anxious that I won’t be able to afford stained glass.

There’s no getting around it, stained glass isn’t the cheapest of crafts. But it might not cost as much as you think. The great thing about using this course is that you can benefit from my experience to reduce costs.

When you’re starting out it’s easy to buy tools that are not good enough, too expensive or simply not needed. I will save you wasted tool experiments by taking you through the tools you really do need.

Once you have purchased the essential items you will have everything you need – apart from glass – for countless future projects.

The value of the ‘must have’ items on the list above comes to approximately $170 in the US and £160 in the UK. And that includes glass for the course star sun catcher.

If you are an Internet Sleuth and love hunting for bargains on eBay you can get the same high quality tools at a cheaper price.

I am also mindful of the cost of glass. Apart from not wanting to waste something so beautiful I teach you how to plan the cuts so that you get as many shapes as possible from each sheet of glass.

Finally, all the practise in the course is on cheaper float or window glass. I make sure you only move on to the more costly ‘art glass’ when you’re ready and have confidence in your skills.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red I don’t have time for a new craft. Doesn’t it take hours to make stained glass?

Learning a new craft like stained glass does take time but that’s part of what makes it so special. If it could be mastered in 10 minutes you wouldn’t have that sense of pride at your achievement. Nor would you have spent time lost in your own world of colour and light, just making. It is time well spent.

Once you have the techniques from the course under your belt they are yours forever to build on.


Boxes, lamps, terrariums… all these – and more – will be waiting for you!


Stained glass that fits to your lifestyle. 
Image: alittlecuppatea.blogspot.co.uk

In total I have estimated that between 10-20 hours of course time will be enough for a complete beginner to learn all the different skills to complete the star.


Some people will be quicker and some slower.

The beauty of this online course is that you are in control of the pace and there is no pressure from others to catch up or slow down. It gives you the opportunity to use all those ‘unusable’ small slots of free time to learn a timeless craft.

You will have access to the 11 course videos and 3 slideshows for a full 12 months and the eBooks are yours to download and refer to forever.

To make sure you don’t run out of time when you’re in the middle of a session I’ve estimated the time each step will take so you know whether or not you have the time to start it. There’s nothing worse than having to pack up when you’re in the ‘making zone’!

Diane Madden

dianeThe course itself is awesome!

I have learned so many things just from watching what I have seen so far. I remember how desperately I was searching out anything that I could to learn how to do stained glass, what supplies I needed, etc. You have it all in one package.

I have been watching the videos and I can’t stop because they are SO good.

I only wish there had been something like this for me back when I started and was struggling (when I knew nothing about the beginning steps). They are informative and very, very easy to understand. You’ve explained the processes very precisely and to where even the novice of all beginners would understand.

You cover all the important steps.

Safety, tools needed and proper cutting. Your choices of tools used to cut glass, how to break it are SO very important.

I would not hesitate recommending this (and will)

To beginners and anyone who has been taught from watching so many videos from other people who did not cover all the bases. I was so confused because one person said do this while another said don’t do that. Your course tells exactly the how’s and why’s.

Diane Madden,

Bank teller & 3rd teller supervisor,

Silvis, Illinois, USA

Frequently asked questions

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red I can’t download the videos and keep them.

A Star Is Born on iPhone

Watch the videos on any devices for as many times as you wish

No, that’s true.

You will have full access to the videos for 12 months.

You can watch them as many times as you wish before you’re ready to move on to the next stage.

A great deal of care and thought has gone into choosing the company that hosts my videos. They are extremely reliable and have clever technology in place that automatically changes the size of the video depending on the type of connection you have.

So if you are on a slower connection the videos will be sent to you in a format that the connection can cope with.

You will need access to the internet to see the videos. You can watch them on all devices, from desktop machines through tablets to mobile phones.

The eBooks can be downloaded and either kept electronically or printed out.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedI only get access to the course for a year.

Running man

Racing on to your next project way before the year is up…

This is correct.

I’m confident that after starting stained glass you’ll be hooked and will race through the course in no time.

In a year you’ll have easily finished the course and moved on to practice and develop your skills with beautiful new projects. You’ll be the one sending me ‘how to’ tips!

You will have a full 12 months access to the course and lifetime access to the eBooks.


Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn Red Does this course come with tools and glass?

Tools and Materials Bonus eBook

Everything you need to know about Tools and Materials and where to buy them

No, you will need to buy these separately.

Choosing glass is one of the greatest pleasures of stained glass. All that potential beauty at your fingertips!

Bonus Tools and Materials eBook

This eBook ‘discovering…Tools and Materials‘ gives suggestions for easy-to-cut art glass to start you off. It also tells you which tools and materials you need so fuss and costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

List of Recommended Stores

You can either buy tools and glass from a local stained glass supplier or consult ‘discovering…Tools and Materials‘ for a list of recommended online stores worldwide.

Packaging for sending glass by post has improved dramatically over the years and breakages are kept to a minimum. Most suppliers have a comprehensive breakage guarantee.

Speech Bubble - Hand Drawn RedCan I get DVDs or CDs of the course?

Not at this point in time. Currently the course is delivered via online video.

You will have 12 months access to the whole class from the day you sign up.

The eBooks can all be downloaded and are yours to keep.

Pauline Sandell

paulineI love stained glass.

It lets me switch off from the stresses of my paid work to just think about doing something just for the sake of doing something creative. To get a different part of my brain working. And for the pure enjoyment of it.

Milly is fun, witty and a great teacher.

She brings out the passion in you and she gets you to think in ways you hadn’t before. Always getting us to challenge ourselves creatively!

She is patient and kind and is interested in everything you do.

(And even if she isn’t she gives a damn good impression!)  I would say she is a brilliant teacher, well missed by all her ex-students who have had the pleasure of being taught by her and we are all the better for having had her as a teacher.

Pauline Sandell,

Information and advice officer, Age UK south,

Montpelier, Bristol, UK


My “Gorgeous Result Guarantee”

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Blue

I am so confident that you will finish your sun catcher and have coloured light flooding your home by the end of this course that I’m offering a money back guarantee for the full 12 months.

I call it my ‘Gorgeous Result Guarantee’, and here’s why I’m offering it:

When I researched A Star Is Born I looked at hundreds of videos on YouTube. I could see that they varied enormously in quality and content.  Good as some of them were, it was time-consuming to find them and many were just vehicles for unnecessary expensive equipment.

They just didn’t seem good enough for my readers and for enthusiasts who are desperate to learn this stunning craft. That’s why I invested 18 months of my time developing and testing this course.

I know this course works. By nature I’m a perfectionist and am only happy developing top quality material that actually delivers.

That’s why I guarantee A Star Is Born.

So give the course a try and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, you email me showing you’ve followed the modules through, and I’ll refund you 100%.

This guarantee is extended for a full 12 months. The Bonuses are yours, whatever your decision.

In case you’re wondering, I need to see your progress because I’ve seen the pleasure stained glass brings if people push themselves through certain ‘learning curves’. We’re working together to achieve your stained glass star. Let’s make sure it sparkles!

This is much more than a simple Money Back Guarantee – it’s a Gorgeous Result Guarantee.


What do you get with this course?

course package03

‘A Star is Born’ Stained Glass Course

A Full Years access to 12 training modules that include:

11 HD videos – high quality video training to watch online

(Format – multi-format Video – will play on any device)

11 professionally designed high quality eBooks showing images of each process (Format PDF)

Downloadable pattern to print (Format PDF)

7 professionally designed Fun Quest workbooks containing quizzes, reflection and inspiration (Format PDF)

Icon - Check Mark

Bonus One: Tools and Materials eBook

Detailed descriptions and listed recommendations of tools and materials.

Includes Essential Tools checklist.

Worth $15 (format PDF)

Icon - Check Mark

Bonus Two: Pattern Book eBook

Three specially designed patterns by Milly.

Linked to the level of skills learnt in the course.

Contains additional tips and pattern colouring sheets for each.

Worth $10 (Format PDF)

Icon - Check Mark

Certificate of Completion

Signed by Milly

Delivered electronically when you have finished

Icon - Check Mark
 Exclamation Point - Hand Drawn Blue


A surprise gift to help you create your very own stained glass designs.

Icon - Check Mark

How Much Does it Cost?


Buy Now - Button Orange


Anne Goodwin

anne02I have taken inspiration and can’t wait to to try some new project.

After going on a course at the local school and plodding away for the last year I am delighted to tell you your course is the best thing I personally have found.It is clear and points out to me where I have been going WRONG.

It made clear the small mistakes that can make your efforts frustrating.

I would not hesitate to recommend this course.

It was crystal clear and showed good step by step demonstrations. It helped me understand how important it is to accurately cut out the pattern. It showed me what equipment you can do with, and do without.

I also particularly enjoyed the inspiration sections.

Anne Goodwin

Retired technical assistant,

Dunfermline, Scotland, UK



Create your own beautiful suncatcher with crystal clear stained glass training at a time and place to suit you.

Don’t forget my Gorgeous Result Guarantee – a full 12 month money back promise if you try the modules and don’t get on with the training.